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Last updated on the 28th of February, 2014

This community's purpose is to display the clothes that I make for ABJDs (asian ball-jointed dolls). The clothes are usually what I offer for sale but occasionally I might post photos of my own dolls' clothes, to serve as examples of what I can make.

- Fairyland Pukipuki (12cm)
- Bambicrony Ciao Bella (27cm)
Slim MSD:
- MNF A-line normal boy (42cm)
- Narae43 large bust (43cm)
- Minisup girl (43cm)
- Withdoll new boy (45cm)
- Soulkid N.L. boy (47cm)
- Soom Super Gem female (65cm)
- DollShe DSM18 Pure (70cm)

I sell my clothes at my Etsy shop, minuetDesign.

I also have a thread the Finnish ABJD forum, Hartsilapset. For now my thread at the international ABJD forum, Den of Angels, is closed.

The "brand" of the clothes that I make is Minuet. However, this particular journal is named after my previous brand "mnp".

So yeah, feel free to take a look at my work and comment. I'm also open to suggestions to what I should sew, so if you like my work and would like to purchase something specific, feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do. (:

My e-mail is: miiza [dot] u [at] gmail [dot] com


Fairytale sets

I found thesereally cute Fairytale prints at the local fabric shop and had to make something out of them. >u< I couldn't decide between Little Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs so I got both, haha~

I made tights out of the cute prints and paired them with a white knit shirt. I wanted to keep the shirt simple so that it won't steal attention from the tights' print. The fit is also loose, so that they should fit different dolls in the YoSD scale. Ciao Bellas are a bit slimmer than other 27cm tinies in general, you see...

But yeah, here they are:

Additional imagesCollapse )

Status: Available @ Etsy

Additional imagesCollapse )

Status: Available @ Etsy

And for fun, the packaging:

Heart shirt & Star tights

I made some Minisup girl size shirts for sale and am currently working on Ciao Bella size tights.

The Minisup shirts have a pattern flaw so I didn't put them into my Etsy at all (I'm selling them unofficially so to say), but the thights will be available in Etsy as soon as I finish sewing them.

Additional imagesCollapse )

Status: 1 available, 1 sold

Additional imagesCollapse )

Status: available in Etsy

Additional imagesCollapse )

Status: available in Etsy


A couple of simple shirts for my personal collection.

Additional imagesCollapse )

Status: Not for sale

Grey shirt & Beige dress

Some new things that I've sewn for my girls... a grey shirt/dress with lace details for Mi Cha and a beige dress for Yun Hee.

Additional imagesCollapse )

Additional imagesCollapse )

Status: Not for sale

Antique Tea lingerie set

Another lingerie set that I finished for Soom Super Gem females today. For this one I dyed the ribbons and lace with tea. Only the base lace for the bra and panties is in its original colour, all the details are dyed. :3 It's quite similar to the previous one, but has some minor differences, mostly due to the fact that I used different laces.

Additional imagesCollapse )

Here is a photo of the dyed lace next to the original ones, for reference:

Status: For sale, the Etsy listing is here

Sweet Lilac lingerie set

A lingerie set that I finished for Soom Super Gem females a few days ago. I made this for sale, so it's completely different from Nyx's style, haha... it was fun to make something girly and frilly. I'm rather happy with it. :3

Additional imagesCollapse )

Status: For sale, the Etsy listing is here

Frilly lace top

I made this in September 2013 when I got my Soom Feny, but never got around photographing it in detail because I sold the doll very soon... and I also forgot to update it here. ^^; But well, here's something, for reference:

The bloomers I didn't make, they're from Soom.

Status: Nor for sale

Experiments and others

Just dumping these here without saying much... the pants are all experiments for Hisoka, I finally decided that I should try to learn to sew pants bit by bit... starting with these loose, baggy ones and moving onto more fitted ones once I get the hang of it.

More under the cutCollapse )

^ These aren't for sale.

I also made some cardigans for sale again:

They are available in my Etsy shop, minuetDesign.

Mori-inspired dress

Trying to get my sewing inspiration back... I see all these adorable mori girl dresses for sale but mehh can't afford to buy them. The other week I bought this awesome fabric in black and at home thought that damn, this would be really nice for mori-inspired dresses... so this Monday I went back and bought it in this peachy colour, too. I've been itching to try it out, so today I figured I'd experiment with it a bit. I didn't really plan this dress much, just cut some pieces and sewed it together. But I'm pretty pleased with it anyway.

Next I need to start working on sales clothing... I have pieces cut already, I just need to sew them together. It just seems like an overwhelming task at the moment... ~__~;;

No detail photos 'cause it was getting dark already and it's for my personal collection anyway, so...

Status: Not for sale